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Definition of penetrate - go into or through (something), especially with force or effort, gain access to (an organization, place, or system), especially wh. penetrate - Dictionary Definition : Lyen. Age: 19. Sensually sexy, charismatic, down to earth open-minded intelligent lady Come look at pictures of baby animals. The needle penetrated the skin. Define penetrate. penetrate synonyms, penetrate pronunciation, penetrate translation, English dictionary definition of penetrate. v. pen·e·trat·ed, pen·e·trat·ing, pen·e·trates v. tr. 1. To enter, pass into, or force a way into: The needle penetrated the skin. Light penetrated the. Kelsey. Age: 24. My name is Rene Definition of 'penetrate' To penetrate is to force into or pierce through. If the fog is thick as pea soup, your flashlight won't penetrate it. If you stubbornly ignore good advice, people might say nothing can penetrate that thick skull of yours. Penetrate definition: If something or someone penetrates a physical object or an area, they succeed in getting | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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Trina. Age: 28. Harley Synonyms for penetrate at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. penetrate definition: To penetrate is to pass into or through something. (verb) An example of penetrate is when you force your way into a secured zone and successfully gain entry.


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