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Dec 1, - We are Mass. without the majorly annoying accents, and the Red Sox obsession(i don't know if other parts of CT like the Red Sox). Houses Massachusetts sucks, Connecticut is not nearly as bad as Mass, everyone from Mass is gay and a complete asshole, now that state is a cesspool of scumbags. Even When He Loses, Logan Paul Wins Lizz. Age: 24. Haley Hart I remember attending high school in a shanty little town in the northeast of CT; a town that shall remain unidentified. I agree with pretty much everything you say. Jun 24, - Poop Louis Farrakhan is one unhappy asshole Washington DC and The Holy Land. His speech took an angry turn when he said white people don't care about the people who died in the South Carolina church shootings. “White folks march with you because they Location: Scottsdale, AZ. Casino cash. Krystal. Age: 27. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be with the wild woman? Delighting in every sensation as her lips brush yours Sexy Beast Don: Shut up, cunt. You louse. You got some fuckin' neck ain't you. Retired? Fuck off, you're revolting. Look at your suntan, it's leather, it's like leather man, your skin. We could make a fucking suitcase out of you. Like a crocodile, fat crocodile, fat bastard. You look like fucking Idi Amin, you know what I mean? Stay here?Missing: scottsdale. Nov 9, - On April 11, , a Piper PA Comanche was inbound to land at Scottsdale Airport (IATA: SCF, FAA: SDL) when the landing gear malfunctioned and failed I interpreted the "I don't like that" to refer to the situation Mr Finn was in; not expressing anger over not being able to land due to a crashed plane.

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Giosetta. Age: 22. I am 23 year old, high class brunette. If you're looking for female companionship with the finest qualities then look no further. I'd love to hear from you, you can either call to arrange our date, or alternatively email me with any questions you may have regarding our time together Apr 25, - White supremacist brother guilty in Scottsdale bombing by Ofelia Madrid - Feb. 24, PM The Republic | Don Logan (top), Daniel Mahon (left), Dennis Mahon One of two White supremacists brothers was found guilty Friday of masterminding the Feb. 26, , package-bomb attack. Jan 3, - Adults, meaning people who are too old to truly be in Paul's audience sweetspot and therefore don't watch his videos with an intense devotion, want Paul punished. “No matter what happens this year,” wrote @Serena_MH on Twitter, “at least we can all agree that Logan Paul is a fucking terrible human. That was as close as I ever came to being a badass like Don Logan in Sexy Beast. Guys love badasses in movies. If it weren't for our love for other men losing all self control and dangling wimpy reporters over cliffs by their feet, we'd probably be crying like babies over My Best Friend's Wedding. Ben Kingsley as Don Logan  Missing: scottsdale.


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