Girl creaming during penetration

Jan 18, - That creamy white discharge you encounter during intercourse is produced when a woman has an orgasm. It is a vaginal secretion produced by the vagina to facilitate in conception (sperm now have more fluid to swim in to move closer to their target). It helps with providing a better glide for the penis within. Do girls really "cream"? girlfriend's juices are thick and white and they clump when dry. : sex Jelena. Age: 23. my name is bella rosenbourgh, allow me a few moments to introduce myself. I was born and grew up in london and have lived here all my life. I would describe myself as a city girl, im used to the bright lights and the fast pace. However, i take great pleasure in the art of relaxation. I love to spend time in wonderful company and experience all the mind and body has to offer. I am warn, friendly passionate and love what i do. I enjoy travel, am a keen reader and am extremley openminded. I am available sometimes at very short notice and welcome all enquiries. I look forward to hearing from you soon. The opinion owner is going to be notified and earn 7 XPER points. When a woman gets really wet during sex and starts to cream on your dick does that mean she had an orgasm or does that just mean she's excited? I ask because that has recently happened to me. She was pretty wet when we started to have sex but after a couple of minutes she began to really cream on. Darla. Age: 25. IIn a white bbw with mad skills big tits big juicy lips good pussy thick ass fine bitch platinum top game im incredibly skilled true talent krazy k loves to play Why do girls Cream so much during sex? Jul 3, - when a girl is sexually aroused, her body begins producing fluid that not only lubricates her vagina and prepares it for sex but helps to clean out any bacteria that might enter her during intercourse. Sometimes it happens just 'cause, or before her period. Or when she's thinking dirty thoughts. A lot of girls don't even it normal for girls to cream during sex? - GirlsAskGuys. White discharge is normal for me during the day, but when I'm aroused I secrete clear. Any white discharge that makes an appearance during sex seems to be leftover from the day, so I try to 'freshen up' beforehand, wiping it away. The smell on your girlfriend might just be normal sweat/discharge smellsĀ  Thick, white discharge during sex. BDP.

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Mila. Age: 21. L??king for well established Mature Gentlemen ?? Satisfaction Guarantee ?? ?? I am very Discreet, Honest and Respectable Apr 28, - It happens to me too and it's a good thing. In fact I was nicknamed "Juicy" all though high school. Some of us are just lucky, I guess. Oct 1, - Its called ejaculatory fluid,not vaginal fluid, which is what women do, as men, when they have an orgasm. Vaginal fluid is the "wetness" a woman has when her body is heating up for the ultimate"orgasm" which produces ejaculatory fluids. As men's orgasms vary from time to time in its intensity as well as. Aug 20, - OKay, so when we're having sex she releases lots of ***/cream on my penis, it's literally covered at the base of my penis when I pull out. I've searched up the internet and a lot of people are that it's just because she is really turned on. Would this be the reason? Saying that, others have said it could be a.


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