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6 days ago - I want a vibrator but i'm scared my parents would find it what can i use that you can find at home. by the way i don't have an electric toothbrush or a one of those foot massagers and i can't do the phone on vibrate thing. Electric Toothbrush: Brush Your Teeth Like a Genius. Perverting household items - Created by Essin' Em on Jun 29, EdenFantasys Forum - page 3 Cherokee. Age: 20. Privat Time, Great evening, sensual massages in Paris! If possible, you should use an electric toothbrush that has a detachable head brush. I've never really experimented with a household item. Masturbation aids such as a vibrator, dildo or Ben Wa balls can also be used to stimulate the vagina and clitoris but recently home made clean items are gaining popularity again among urban women. Many women caress their breasts or stimulate a nipple with the free hand and anal stimulation is also enjoyed by some. Magdalene. Age: 24. Hello! I am a commercial model from Latvia with an almost flawless body and very attractive young face 8 Fantastic Homemade Sex Toys For Incredible Orgasms 3 days ago - You don't have to shell out tons of money for a fancy vibrator — although these are pretty great if you're in the market. If you get a little creative, you'll realize you have plenty of orgasmic stuff that'll do the job right at your fingertips. Try these DIY sex toys, using things you have around your home. You'll never. Feb 12, - These 8 incredible homemade sex toys are perfect if you are short on cash. Want to try a vibrator The ice dildo is an easy DIY project to mark off on your homemade sex toys list. You can do it in Using your phone as a clitoral vibrator through your panties solves most of these problems. Vibrate Plus and.

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Arianna. Age: 25. Dear Gentleman! Vibrating toy. I take any vibrating toy (bumble ball, Nintendo control) and slide it up and down my clit (circular motions work best). I put Vaseline on for nice sex feeling. We've all done it taken normal, everyday things, and turned them into sex toys. Condom covered cucumber? Clothespins as nipple clamps? Wooden spoon - page 3. Sep 13, - I have been able to use and create hundreds of homemade sex toys, I would love to describe them all and show you how they're done (and of course how to Using it as a vibrating bullet and having it placed just over the clit and moving it around slowly works pretty well to arouse yourself before any other.


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