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Latest news- Do The Duggars Spank Their Kids?Here's What's Known About The Family's Discipline. Jill Duggar accused of controversial discipline technique Nika. Age: 26. hi i am Alina new in Bucharest if what real escort nice with you call me and i promise the best time i do oral sex normal sex massage 69 kisses is first time in bucharest kiss you Three-year-old girl dies and her two-year-old sister is May 27, - Joan, a viewer, asks: I'm 77 years old and love your show. I wish I would have seen it when my children were young. I would have done things a lot different. You are doing such a beautiful job of raising your children. Do or have you ever had to spank your children? Michelle: We have people ask. Azzurra. Age: 28. Also please leave me a message and I will call u right back Check out our slate of Daily Kos-endorsed candidates Jan 4, - More: 5 Reasons you shouldn't spank your kid. While it is unclear whether Jill and Derick Dillard use this method, it wouldn't be surprising if they do, since Michelle Duggar has admitted to using blanket training when asked about her discipline methods in the past. The methods promoted by Michael and. May 29, - The Duggars have stated that they use blanket training. What they do is place a baby on a blanket and tell the baby not to get off. If the baby crawls off, he or she is spanked on the leg, told “no,” and placed back on the blanket. If you do this for long enough, the baby will learn to stay on the blanket, and then.

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Brandi. Age: 21. I'm actually 25 years old May 27, - According to a report by Radar Online, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar used to spank their children with a rod in order to discipline them. Taylor "asked what they used to spank," and the victim said: "they have a rod." The child then told the investigator that the parents "do this to all the kids" but when asked "if. May 27, - This after a minor in the police report about Josh Duggar's molestation of minors (above) said 'mother and dad spank' followed by 'they have a rod'. The actual police report does not at any point identify the minor being questioned or the who the 'mother and father' they are referring to in their statement. Nov 11, - The Duggars consider the Bible something of an owner's manual, a how-to for life. They sometimes employ "time outs" to discipline their children, but they also think the Bible teaches parents to spank and even instructs on how to do it. And from their website circa


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