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PART X | S EXUALITY AND CONTRA C E PTION The Female Condom What is the female condom? The female condom is a thin, soft, loose-fitting pouch with two flexible rings at either end. One ring helps hold the device in place inside the woman's vagina over the end of the womb (cervix), while the other ring rests outside. Adolescent Health Care: A Practical Guide - Google Книги Satin. Age: 23. Don't be shy gentlemen! Call me! Vital Statistics and Injuries The instrument is hinged so that when the handles are squeezed together the blades spread laterally, allowing examination. One ring helps hold the device in place inside the woman's vagina over the end of the womb (cervix), while the other ring rests outside the vagina. Outer ring lies against the Uterus Index finger Cervix Vaginal canal Inner ring Open end Inner ring Remember: The female condom may be hard to hold or. FIGURE The. Kandi. Age: 20. I'd enjoy some time with you!! ?? Speculum (medical) To acquire the cell sample, the doctor will use a special instrument called a speculum to hold open the vaginal walls. During a colposcopy, the doctor uses a speculum to hold open the vaginal walls and then uses a magnifying device (called a colposcope) to examine the vagina and cervix for problems.4 If the colposcopy. Once used as a test for pregnancy, this test is now used in laboratory studies. vaginal speculum [L, vagina, sheath; L, speculum, mirror], a bivalved instrument, with two blades used to hold open the vaginal opening for inspection of the vaginal cavity. vaginal spotting, vaginal staining. See vaginal bleeding. vaginal vault, the.

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Anastasia. Age: 28. Hello gentlemen, I'm 18 years old Download this stock image: Vaginal speculum. Used as a medical tool to hold open the vagina during medical investigation. - CRKF05 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Hold the condom with the open end hanging down toward the ground. Squeeze the inner ring with your thumb and middle finger. It should look like a long, narrow “O.” 4. With the other hand, separate the labia so the vagina is hand holding the condom pushes the inner ring and pouch up into the vagina until. A vaginal pessary is a plastic device that fits into your vagina to help support your uterus (womb), vagina, bladder, or rectum. The pessary is most often used for prolapse of the uterus. Prolapse means that your uterus droops or sags into the vaginal canal. This happens because the muscles and ligaments that should  Missing: open.


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